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Arete's founder, Graeham Douglas, was a competitive swimmer for Cambridge University, but his struggles with asthma forced him to retire from the sport. Dr Douglas started Arete to apply his background in biomedical engineering to help improve care for people with chronic diseases.

We've recieved about US$2m in competitive grant funding to build our prototype, alongside patients and clinicians to meet their needs.


We envisage a world where preventable respiratory deaths are a thing of the past. A world where these conditions can be managed at home and not in the hospital.

Our vision is to bring these measurements to everyone who needs them and where they need them with powerful data to manage their own health proactively. Asthma and COPD need a tool that is equivalent for what glucose monitoring is for T1 diabetes.


Our solution, a patented and pre-regulatory digital health device, has been developed to perform powerful daily monitoring at home.

The Respicorder will bring specialist hospital grade measurements to be accessible when and where people with lung conditions are having symptoms.

Ultimately, the product will form the key foundation for a digital hub to help people and their health care team manage lung conditons with precision and prevention.


Globally over one billion people have a chronic respiratory disease that kills four million people every year. These deaths are preventable.

Through better management and treatment people can live longer better lives.

We aim to do this with a net savings to health care systems, as prevention is far cheaper than emergency care.

The Respicorder

The Respicorder - photo of our prototype

The Respicorder combines the three main breathing tests from hospital diagnostic clinics, into a web-connected and portable device.

It measures lung function (spirometry), mechanics (impulse oscillometry), and inflammation (FeNO) - at a fraction of the cost of current equipment.

This will let these important measurements be used in new ways for precision and prevention medicine.

The product does not yet have regulatory certification in any country, but we are able to discuss research-use applications and would like get design input from a variety of stakeholders.

Why we're doing this

Chronic respiratory diseases reduce the quality of life of millions worldwide, and are a major cause of death. Health systems are increasingly strained. We believe improved care in the future can only come from more preventative and precision care. There is a great opportunity to apply advances in digital technologies to both improve care and health system efficiency.

Your story

Do you have something from your experiences that you think should be included in the next generation of respiratory tests? What's not working for you now? Please get in touch and help us do better!

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